New plans have just been unveiled for TransLink BC's new RapidBus service that will be even faster than existing B-line buses in Metro Vancouver. This new bus service will offer faster and more frequent stops in order to ensure the convenience of riders, especially during rush hour times. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes to your daily commute!

Taking public transit is about to get easier! According to an email sent by TransLink to Narcity, a new RapidBus is coming to five regional routes in Burnaby, BC.

The first phase of the project will launch in January 2020. Once in service, these five routes will have the combined capacity to move a whopping 12,000 people per hour during rush hour. "Building on the successful elements of the B-Line, the new service will be faster, more frequent, more convenient and more comfortable," reads the release. 

These buses will be noticeable to the public as they will be bright blue and green. The routes the buses will go along are estimated to be about 20% faster than local bus services — so if you're taking public transit, you may want to opt for these buses.

A number of priority measures will be implemented to ensure these buses live up to their name, including bus-only lanes, signal priority, fewer stops, all-door boarding, and queue jumps at intersections. 

Anyone taking these buses can expect a number of cool new features, including real-time next-bus digital signage and voice information, sheltered stops, and larger than life hybrid buses!

It is estimated that every 10 minutes, passengers can catch a RapidBus at any one of the following routes:

  • R1: King George Boulevard (Guildford Town Centre to Newton Exchange) — upgraded 96 B-Line
  • R2: Marine Drive (Park Royal to Phibbs Exchange)
  • R3: Lougheed Highway (Coquitlam Central Station to Haney Place)
  • R4: 41st Avenue (UBC to Joyce–Collingwood Station)
  • R5: Hastings (SFU to Burrard Station) — upgraded 95 B-Line

This new RapidBus means that TransLink will be retiring the B-Line moniker expect for "Vancouver's 99 B-Line up", which will run until the opening of the Broadway Subway in 2025. 

According to the email, the five RapidBus routes will serve 11 communities. In 2021, two additional routes will be added, covering Surrey, Delta, and Richmond. 

For phase three of the RapidBus plan, five more routes are being planned. However, TransLink has not stated where those will be.  

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