Canada has issued a new travel advisory for Brazil due to fires that continue to burn in the Amazon Rainforest. If you're planning on travelling to the country soon, the government is advising you to travel with caution. They warn that the current situation could have adverse effects on your health and safety.

Today the government of Canada provided a specific update on the dangers of travelling to Brazil as it pertains to the ongoing Amazon fires. The update, under the section for natrual disasters and climate, states that because of the severe fires in the Amazon rainforest there is a risk to Canadian travellers. 

They warn that, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, where the Amazon Rainforest is located, a state of emergency has been decalred and air quality has been affected in the area because of the current fires. 

The advisory notes that air quality is an issue even in São Paulo, Brazil which is over 3,000 km away from the state of Amazonas. 

The government is stressing that this could have a major health impact on travellers, especially people who suffer from respiratory issues. 

If you're travelling to Brazil soon the government advises you to do the following:

  • keep an eye on local news and weather reports
  • follow the instructions of local authorities, even if that means evacuation orders
  • contact your airline or tour operator to determine if this situation will disrupt any of your travel plans

According to Reuters, more than 9,500 fires have been seen by satellites since last Thursday and Brazil’s space research agency has registered over 72,000 fires this year.

There is no information on when this particular travel advisory will be over so continue to check the government of Canada's travel website if you're planning on travelling to Brazil.

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