The body of a missing Ontario teenager was pulled from a river last week. Upper Ottawa Valley OPP were able to confirm this morning that the body they had pulled from the Ottawa River just south of Pembroke on Thursday was, in fact, the remains of 16-year-old Trinity Poil. Poil was reported missing nearly fourth months ago to military police at Garrison Petawawa back in February.

The OPP had notified Poil’s family last Thursday that they discovered human remains in the Ottawa River that had reportedly been submerged for quite some time. They believed it to be one of two missing girls – Trinity Poil, or a 17-year-old girl who jumped off a railway bridge in the area on May 5th.

“All we know is that we got notified Thursday night that they had pulled a body from the river and they didn’t know if it was Trinity’s or not and that it would be sent for autopsy Friday. We would know Friday,” Tammy Poil, Trinity's mother, detailed in a phone interview with the Ottawa Citizen.

“Then they came Friday, and they said they were waiting on one person and the person wouldn’t be in until Monday or Tuesday, so the report won’t be finished until then. They can’t give us any information at all. Not even what she was wearing until the report is done," she continued.

Poil’s case remains surrounded in mystery. She was last seen alive going to bed on February 12th, the night of the worst snowstorm in the region. It is suspected that the teen wandered out of the house into the snowstorm. Footprints had initially been found leading away from the residence, however, they were later destroyed by a passing snowplough.

A Facebook group had been set up for the missing girl in the wake of her disappearance. The last post on the page alerted followers that a body had been found in the river and that details were unconfirmed. The statement was posted on May 10th. 

Police have yet to release more details surrounding Poil's disappearance. A GoFundMe fundraiser had been set up to cover the costs of search efforts and to support Trinity Poil's family in the wake of her disappearance. It is still live and continues to accept donations.

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