Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a loud and clear message to men everywhere: Do more to end gender-based violence against women. 

The 45-year-old PM and father to 8-year-old Ella-Grace Trudeau called on Canadian men to put in more effort when it comes to physical and verbal violence against women and girls. 

Referring to all violence against men and women as a "human rights violation", Trudeau said it is men's responsibility to hold themselves and others accountable for actions and words that puts women's respect, protection and freedom at risk. 

Noting that gender-based violence affects marginalized women the most (including low-income women, trans women or women of colour), Trudeau addressed these important issues in a statement released Saturday, which was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

“Ending gender-based violence means transforming a culture that devalues women and dismisses their voices,” said Trudeau. 

Calling on men to defend women's rights and promote their advancement in society, Trudeau said “Together, we must challenge the prejudices and inequalities that allow this violence to persist. . . . To change this reality, we must actively seek out and listen to the voices and needs of women, especially those cast furthest to the margins.”

Source: The Star

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