With the federal election almost here, things are starting to get heated between some of Canada's political leaders and parties. In the latest drama, #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch is currently trending on Twitter after Conservative leader Andrew Scheer clapped back from a #ScheerWasSoPoorThat hashtag that circulated on Monday. Now, Canadians are taking sides on whether they stand with or against Trudeau as the hashtag continues to grow in popularity. 

On Monday, Gagan Sikand, a Liberal MP, released a tweet that read "#ScheerWasSoPoorThat he had to buy his Conservative Values second-hand from Stephen Harper." 

While the tweet was meant to target the Conservatives, it seems as if that plan backfired, as Scheer responded to the tweet with, "Like millions of Canadians, I grew up middle class. When Trudeau's Liberal MPs mock me for that, they mock you too."

Moments after the Conservative leader responded to the tweet, the hashtag #TrudeauInhertiedSoMuch started to take over Canadians Twitter feeds.

Now, Trudeau is stuck in the middle as Canadians are using the hashtag to take sides on where they stand on this political feud. While some comments are using the hashtag to mock the current Canadian Prime Minister, others are actually twisting the hashtag around to help stand with Justin Trudeau. 

In a more obvious manner, many Canadians are using #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch to target the current Prime Minister of Canada.

Some users are claiming that he used his father's inheritance to get where he is today, while others claim that he also doesn't connect to normal society because he was fed on a 'silver spoon'. 

One Twitter user even stated, "TrudeauInheritedSoMuch yet he wants the money all to himself." 

While another user stated, "#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch he also inherited a massive surplus and pissed it away on every other nation instead of taking care of Canadians. Don’t matter to him the silver spoon he got from daddy will always be there." 

However, other Canadians are taking Trudeau's side, using the hashtag to explain why Trudeau would be the perfect candidate for re-election. While others are using it to stand up for Trudeau and target Scheer. 

One Twitter user even stated, "#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch & continues to make Canada look better than ever! Justin Trudeau goes that one step further for Canadians! He's humble about his privileged upbringing!!"

In the end, it seems that Canadians are divided when it comes to who they should side with during the Liberal and Conservative Twitter showdown. 

The Canadian federal election is set to take place on October 21. 

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