With the federal election just a few months away, Canadians are starting to express their opinions on the upcoming candidates.  It's fair to say that the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been part of some controversy the past few months, and Canadians are now stating that Trudeau must go. Last night, the hashtag "TrudeauMustGo" was trending on Twitter and the comments are ruthless. 

According to Trendogate, #TrudeauMustGo was trending for quite some time last night throughout Canada and the tweets focused on a variety of different aspects when it comes to the current Prime Minister of Canada. While some compare him to Trump and others believe that he doesn't have the best intentions, they all agree that they would like to see someone else in the office next election. 

The trending hashtag started on Tuesday with the support of the National Citizens Coalition and carried into Wednesday night where many Canadians jumped onboard the train. 

The National Citizens Coalition started a petition earlier this year called "Trudeau Must Go" which over 3,500 thousand Canadians have signed. The petition states Trudeau must go because Trudeau's government is known for 'losing ground'. Their website blames Trudeau for corruption, failure to build the pipeline and the false promise of balancing the budget. 

It seems that since then, multiple people have also been using the hashtag to express their opinions on Justin Trudeau. One of the first tweets using the hashtag was from a Twitter user in early July. It's in regards to the infamous carbon tax that the federal government pushed out. Since then, tweets have been flooding the social media platform. 

While a majority of Canadians are using this hashtag to target Trudeau and state their negative opinions on the current Prime Minister, it's not all negative comments. Some Twitter users have used the hashtag to express how they want Trudeau to stay in office for another four years. 

Trudeau's approval ratings have been extremely low that past year. In fact, they got so low that they became lower than Donald Trump's approval ratings back in March. 

Yet, as of last week, Justin Trudeau is leading in some of the polls from the first time since the SNC Lavalin Scandal, while others show the Conservatives taking the lead. 

The federal election is scheduled for October 21, which is less than 100 days away. With lots of campaigning left, it's still anyone's game. 

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