Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prime minister has been delivering daily speeches to the nation. While it’s not unusual for Trudeau to speak in both English and French, it seems that YouTube’s subtitles are less comfortable with the latter. When the video-sharing platform attempted to caption Trudeau’s latest speech, things got very, very weird.

Canada is a bilingual country, and therefore it’s not surprising that the prime minister's speeches are given in both English and French.

While Canadians are used to hearing both versions, it seems that YouTube is less-accustomed to the rapid interchange between both languages.

When Justin Trudeau delivered his daily address on June 11, the streaming platform attempted to live-subtitle both the French and English aspects of the speech, but it’s fair to say that some of the PM’s points got a little bit lost in translation.

Rather than translate the French information into English captions, it appears that YouTube’s auto-functions just finds the closest-sounding English phrase.

The results were very, very random.

According to YouTube, Trudeau was dropping lines such as, "fire Christian Bale" and "avacados me out, please" during his speech.

Throughout his speech, which was definitely not related to any of the following, the automatic system detected ridiculous lines such as "it could be any occasion, or Birds winner could make us mama."

The auto-subtitle also suggested that Trudeau said, "sheep Aquanut her government have I ruined?" and "avacados me out please."

He also allegedly said, "president to appease some mobile easy affair with Paula know."

The best line, however, was "fire Christian Bale, yes, yeah, the exam for you and his family."


This isn't the first time that Trudeau has experienced some minor mishaps during his daily press briefings.

After his infamous “speaking moistly” moment, the PM has also dealt with pesky bugs, continuous hiccups and having to step-away due to being too cold.

Fortunatey, the hilarious translations were quickly fixed on YouTube, and the new updated subtitles are much more accurate.

While Trudeau probably has no real plans to fire Christian Bale or be avacado-ed out, the incorrect translations were pretty funny while they lasted!

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