President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau have been passing notes. It may sound strange, but according to inside sources, it happened. On Aug. 12, Axios released a report claiming that Trump sent Trudeau hand-written notes. In one instance, the note was written on the page of a magazine.

In that case, Trump reportedly tore a page out of Bloomberg Businessweek featuring Trudeau as the "Anti Trump." He then wrote on the page something to the effect of, "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" This is all according to unnamed sources who Axios claimed are familiar with the situation.

The page was then reportedly mailed to the Canadian ambassador in Washington, who genuinely thought it was a joke. After calling the White House, he was told it was legitimate.

The second note supposedly sent to Trudeau by Trump was a document which claimed the U.S. had a trade deficit with Canada. Trump reportedly sent the report and wrote something along the lines of "Not good!" according to sources.

Trudeau, in response, reportedly replied to Trump, writing, "Dear Donald, It's been a busy year! Enjoy the Christmas holidays — you deserve it. One thing: You gave a great speech in Pensacola, but you were slightly off on the balance of trade with Canada. USTR says so! All the best for 2018, Justin." This is according to inside sources, who also claimed Trudeau attached the supporting documents showing the U.S. had a trade surplus. He apparently capped it off with a smiley face.

An unnamed Canadian government official said of the entire affair, "No comment, but we don't deny it."

Whether all of this is 100 percent true or not, people have some thoughts on it, including wondering if this was a piece of satire made up by The Beaverton or The Onion.

Others pointed to the fact that President Trump has actually done similar things in the past, before occupying the White House.

Someone pointed out that President Trump must be a very busy man, and that no one could ever fault him for being lazy.

The action also had its defenders, whether it was true or not, with people arguing that it was obviously just harmless joking or humor.

Whether the exchange actually happened or not, it's funny, and yet also interesting to think about the leaders of two countries communicating like students trying to covertly pass each other notes in class.

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