Canada's new loonie went into circulation today. The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled the brand new coin to the public today during an official ceremony in Toronto. According to them, it's actually the first ever circulation coin that recognizes and commemorates LGBTQ2 rights in the whole world. However, not everyone's happy about it โ€“ Canadians have taken to social media to talk about the new coin, and tweets about Canada's $1 LGBTQ loonie are blasting the new coin. 

The coin was approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last year in December. It comes after new legislation from the federal government that became effective last summer and was part of the prime minister's public apology to the LGBTQ2 community in Canada for the discrimination they previously faced from officials and authorities, according to CBC News

"On April 23rd, 2019 commemorate 50 years since Canada took the first step towards decriminalizing homosexuality," says The Royal Canadian Mint on their website. "Look for the Equality Dollar in your change."

On top of the coin, the federal government has also committed $145 million dollars to compensate members of the LGBTQ community that were discriminated by previous governments, according to The Globe and Mail

Besides what steps have been taken, several people are arguing that much more progress still needs to be made. There is controversy surrounding the coin, with some saying that the coin is a superficial effort and an empty gesture.

While some people welcome the coin as a symbol of progress, others are also saying that the new loonie may make it seem like LGBTQ2 equality has been achieved in Canada but much more work actually needs to be done. Experts and historians are concerned by the new loonie as well for these reasons as well, according to The Huffington Post

See what Twitter has had to say in response to the new loonie. 

The new loonie will now be circulated across Canada, effective today on Tuesday, April 23. You can find out more about the coin on the Royal Canadian Mint's website.  

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