If you're a Twitter user in Canada, you may notice some new features the next time you log onto the popular app. Twitter announced earlier today that they will be launching a pilot feature for Canadian users where you'll be able to hide the responses underneath your tweets. This Twitter hide feature will be starting next week, where Canadians will be able to test it out.

One of the main reasons that this new feature is being integrated into the platform is because Twitter doesn't want hurtful comments ruining important conversations.  

Twitter users will be able to click on a grey icon that will allow them to view all of the tweets that the user of the original tweet has chosen to hide. According to Twitter, these tweets will still be visible to users for "transparency".

Twitter is testing this pilot project in Canada to get feedback and to understand how this new tool can help improve the platform.


While the tweets that you hide will not appear underneath your tweet, other users will still be able to view the hidden replies if they wish to do so. Twitter Canada confirms that just because you hide these tweets, doesn't mean that they will disappear for all users. 

In a press release, Twitter says that people are starting important conversations every day on their platform where they are able to get together and discuss these topics. However, offensive and irrelevant replies can often "derail the conversation". 

Twitter believes that those who start the conversation should have some control over the replies, in an attempt to keep the conversation where it was aimed to be.

Canadians can expect to see this new feature appear on Twitter by next week. Twitter states that this testing will be ongoing for the next few weeks.

At the moment, this feature will only be available in Canada. Public figures, companies, and everyday users will be able to hide replies.

Two months ago, Instagram also rolled out some new features to test on Canadians. One of the major changes was removing total likes in Canada, effectively transitioning to private likes on Instagram. Which social media app could be next to test on Canadians?

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