If you haven't tweeted in a while, then you may want to get on that very soon. With a new policy in place, Twitter users will have to log in to keep their accounts, otherwise, they will be deleted by the platform. Twitter's inactive account policy will begin on December 11, so now would be a good time to share your thoughts on just about anything to save your precious handle.

According to the new inactive account policy, if you haven't tweeted or even logged into your account in six months, the website will register it as inactive and delete it.

That means that your entire tweet history will be deleted, and your username will be up for grabs by someone else. This is a part of a bigger initiative to "clean up" the Twittersphere.

The new policy is being enacted sitewide, which means that it will affect any Canadians and other international users who have failed to log in or use their account enough in the last six months. 

That means if you shared your most controversial Canadian music opinion recently, you should be fine.

According to Twitter Canada, in 2018 more than 15 million Canadians were using the platform every month, accounting for 49.7% of Canada's online population.

Canadians use the platform for a number of reasons, which include complaining about the first snowfall of the year or sharing their thoughts on a politician's choice of sweater.

According to an email from a Twitter spokesperson provided to Narcity, the site is "working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate, credible information."

The company has already begun reaching out to accounts that have not been active in the last six months to let them know that their account may be deleted if they don't log in soon.

One controversial aspect of this new initiative, however, is the possible deletion of accounts belonging to people who have passed away.

A Twitter spokesperson told CTV news, though, that while the platform does not have a system for memorializing accounts, it is looking into ways of doing so.

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