While travelling is no doubt expensive, there are unexpected costs that many people don't consider on top of a plane ticket and hotel prices. Something like bag check and weight restrictions, plus carry-ons can come with a cost.

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For Canadian travellers, flying is only going to get more expensive as two airlines have announced a raise to their checked bag prices. Air Canada and WestJet have announced an increase effective Tuesday, August 28. 

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The Canadian airlines say that the decision comes after competitors, like JetBlue Airways, decided to raise their fees. It's going to help cover additional costs that come with air travel, such as fuel. 

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Both WestJet and Air Canada are going to be raising the prices for both the first checked bag and additional baggage after. First bags are currently $25 but will be raised to $30, while additional bags will jump from $30 to $50. 

Prior to 2014, both Canadian airlines allowed customers to check their first bag in for free but a changing market drove the initial fee. The increase is for the lowest fare travel available at Air Canada and WestJet. 

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With fuel becoming more expensive it's not entirely surprising that the airlines have decided to pump up the prices. Sometimes quality comes with a cost. 

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Source: CBC

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