Manitoba First Nation Police Service has reached out to the public for help after two Canadian children went missing yesterday. 3-year-old Tristin Edward Fleury and 4-year-old Angel May Fleury were last seen in Waywayseecappo First Nation and police are concerned for their safety. However, so far, no Amber Alert has been issued for the two children and Canadians are starting to wonder why. 

In a media release from Manitoba First Nation Police Services, police state that both children were last seen on April 24, 2019. Police also suspect that both children are currently with their father, yet police have been unable to locate him or the children. 

They also state that they have reason to believe that the father may be driving impaired and was last seen in a white 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with the licence plate KBZ 701. Anyone who sees this vehicle or is aware of their whereabouts is asked to call police immediately. 

Police have released both photos of the children as while as the truck that police suspect they are travelling in, in hopes that the public will be able to help identify their whereabouts. These photos can be seen here below. 

So far, no Amber Alert has been issued for the two children though. Many Canadians have now reached out through the Manitoba First Nations Police's Facebook account to ask why no alert has been issued. 

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, there is a certain set of criteria that needs to be met before an Amber Alert can be issued to the public. 

Amber Alerts are only issued if police have reason to believe that the victims have been abducted, are in immediate danger, and have information about an abductor and vehicle involved. 

If all of these criteria are not met then the Amber Alert will not be issued. In this case, police have descriptions of the vehicle and suspected abductor, but since there has yet to be an Amber Alert, it indicates the police do not have enough information or cause to issue an official alert. 

However, despite the lack of Amber Alert, police have indicated that they are concerned for both the children's safety. They ask anyone who knows any information to contact the Manitoba First Nations Police Service at 204-859-5070. 

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