There comes a time when we all learn that, no, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are unfortunately not real, but it seems this pair of Canadian parents wanted to skip the charade completely. While that might be something some may not agree with, you definitely wouldn't think something so small could result in them having their two adoptive daughters taken away from them... right?

Both Derek and Frances Baars took the Children's Aid Society to court last year over just that- their allegations? That both their foster daughters were removed from their custody because they had told both of them that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny weren't real. They told the court that a worker had insisted they needed to tell both girls, aged three and four, that both fictional characters were real, what came next was unimaginable.

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As a result of the parents not doing so, the Children's Aid Society not only took their children, but they also banned the Baars from fostering other children. They claim the removal was because the "foster parents refused to support the birth mother's wishes and failed to be respectful of cultural needs of the children." Though the judge was not having it as he was quoted saying "is it more important to have the Easter Bunny or permanency?"

Thankfully, in the end, the judge ruled in the parent's favor, noting that the Easter bunny doesn't hold a candle to the emotional trauma the girls possibly went through by being removed from their home and parents. The executive director of CAS also issued an apology following the verdict saying, “We recognize what our mistakes were. We respect the decision of the court… and we have to ensure it doesn’t happen again."

Source: National Post

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