While many of us like to think of Canada as a diverse and accepting country, there seem to be more and more incidents which prove that statement wrong. 

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Days after a robbery on the TTC where racial slurs were heard, a province away two women were arrested for uttering threats during a racially charged Facebook conversation. 

The Manitoba women are from the city of Flin Flon, with a population of about 5,000 people. After some vandalism occurred and left cars covered in spray paint, residents of the city went to a local page to complain about the incident before it spiralled.

They were seen on Facebook suggesting that there be a "24-hour purge", like in the movie where people can freely kill anyone they want. The women also suggested that "shoot an Indian day" would keep indigenous peoples on reserves, also calling them mutts. 

The Flin Flon RCMP issued a statement on the arrest and said that another woman is still pending. The women, one local is 32-years old and a 25-years old from Saskatchewan, are being charged with uttering threats and public incitement of hatred. 

The incident has caused both women to lose their jobs, one was working at a hair salon and the other at a local school. Both institutions have stated that they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hate speech and that it has resulted in the positions being terminated. 

Incidents of this kind are unacceptable and only leads to more unnecessary hate. Thankfully this time people are being held accountable for what they say and how it affects other Canadians.  

Source: The Guardian 

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