Two Canadians are among 10 foreigners charged in Cambodia with producing pornographic pictures.

Cambodian prosecutors charged the two Canadians and eight other foreigners after they were arrested at a party where they were dancing and rolling around on the floor with clothes on.

According to a media release by Cambodian national police, the two Canadian nationals facing charges are 20-year-old Eden Kazoleas and 25-year-old Jessica Drolet.

Via Cambodia Police

Police say they raided a rented villa near the country's famed Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap town on Thursday, where the foreigners were taking part in what organizers billed as a pub crawl. Authorities say they found people "dancing pornographically."

Pictures of the party provided by Cambodian police show clothed men and women rolling around on the floor together. After producing the photos, the foreigners shared them on social media, Cambodian police say.

A police release says 87 foreigners were arrested in total, but claims the 10 people charged were organizers of the event. Two Canadians, five British nationals, one Norwegian, one New Zealander and one person from the Netherlands were arrested.

Via cambodiapolice

The prosecutor of the Siem Reap provincial court, Samrith Sokhon, told The Associated Press that those charged face up to a year in prison if convicted. "Any people producing pornography is contrary to Cambodia's traditions," he said.

The charges follow a year of “massive political and social repression” within the southeast Asian nation, according to Joshua Kurlantzick, a senior fellow with the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations think tank. “The Cambodian government is trying to be a little bit more particular about people celebrating near their major monuments, but at the same time this is pretty unusual,” he told CTV News.

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