Uber has had its fair share of debates in Canada over the years. And with some new changes coming  to the ride service very soon, we bet it's about to ruffle some more feathers. 

In a new campaign called "180 Days of Change", the brand is implementing new rules that are designed to give Uber drivers more flexibility. One of the new changes included in this campaign is a new customer fee called "Long Pickup." 

The "Long Pickup Fee" will now charge passengers if their Uber driver has to travel more than 8 to 10 minutes to pick them up according to some sources

In one example given by Uber, a user was charged an addition $5.77 USD because their driver had to travel an additional 11 minutes to pick them up. 

Another new fee issued by Uber to help protect its drivers but affects you is a "Long Wait Fee". Across Canada (with the exception of Quebec), your driver can charge a waiting fee if they have to wait for you for more than 2 minutes. You will then be charged for every minute that they have to wait for you following the 2 minute deadline hits. 

And another rule on top of this pay-per-minute rule, Uber drivers have the option to cancel your ride 5 minutes after arriving at your pickup location, earning them a cancellation fee. There seems to be no cap on how long they can charge you for having to wait, so they can also choose to wait until you arrive at their vehicle. 

You can view the complete list of changes released so far in the "180 Day" campaign, which is in its final month, here

Source: The Verge, Business Insider 

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