Ahead of the U.S. election results, Canadians are sharing words of advice, support and wisdom with their neighbours to the south.

While Canada’s prime minister has kept schtum about who he’d like to come out on top, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has made it clear who he'd be voting for.

Canadians on social media are also, apparently, pretty happy to publicize their preferences.

On November 3, “As a Canadian” was trending on Twitter for several hours, as Canucks shared exactly what they thought ahead of the American election.

Naturally, the True North did not hold back.

'As A Canadian ...'

Quoting Canada’s very own Schitt’s Creek, this Canadian urged our southern neighbours to “get it together” ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Good Luck, Guys

Regardless of your political preference, we can all agree that Election Day is a big deal.

With that in mind, one Canadian wished America “good luck” as they headed to the polls. They even included a little bit of encouragement, courtesy of RuPaul.

Close Those Borders

Ahead of the presidential result, one Canuck declared that they were “happy” travel restrictions remain in place between the two countries.

The border remains closed to all non-essential travellers until at least November 21.


Obama Forever

While the American election is worrying some Canadians, it appears others are relatively unphased.

Sharing this iconic image of Obama with a Tim Hortons, one Canadian Twitter user appears to be enjoying the potential chaos.

Nervous Peeking

Nothing conveys “nervous peeking” better than an GIF of Michael Scott, right?

"You Better Vote"

With a little help from RuPaul (again), this Canadian urged the American public to get out and vote on Tuesday.

Eviction 2020

Referring to the event as "eviction 2020," this Twitter-user is clearly hoping for a new president after Tuesday's vote.

If the "orange maniac" comment wasn't enough of a clue, the meme is likely to reveal who this Canadian would vote for.

Good Vibes Only

This Canuck is sending good vibes only to her U.S. counterparts, who she says "deserve better."

In addition to the words of wisdom, she shared an almost-wholesome image of Pooh and Piglet too.

We're thinking of you, U.S.A!

*This article's cover image is for illustrative purposes only.

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