What exactly does it feel like to be watching the current U.S. election from Canada?

While it could be described in a number of ways, Canadian Twitter star Stewart Reynolds, also known as Brittlestar, summed it up with a pretty solid analogy.

In an October 15 Twitter video, he compared watching the election from Canada to watching a Stanly Cup playoff game.

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"We're not actually in the game, and it does not matter how loud we yell at the screen," Reynolds says, "it will not affect the score."

He goes on to say that Canadians will be "glued to [their] screens," and "sneaking out for a bathroom break whenever there's a lull in the action."

He notes, however, that unlike the NHL playoffs, Canada will be directly impacted by the result of the election, and that's why people will be watching.

"It'd be like if the Las Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup and then immediately imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminum," he says, making reference to one of President Donald Trump's actual policies.

Reynolds concludes his video by paraphrasing one of Wayne Gretzky's most famous quotes, reminding Americans, "you miss 100% of the votes you don't vote, eh."

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