The U.S. presidential race is heating up and even Canadians have picked their sides. 

In a survey published by 338 Canada and Léger on Thursday, October 1, nearly one out of three Albertans say that they'd vote for Trump if they were allowed to hit the U.S. election polls

This number is the highest out of all the other Canadian provinces surveyed. 

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Of Albertans Would Vote For Trump

While there are more Trump supporters in Alberta than there are in any other province in Canada, at least according to the survey, Joe Biden still holds a clear majority at 68%. 

The Macleans' report also revealed Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the provinces that have the second-most support for Trump at 18% each. 

Overall, only 16% of Canadians polled in the survey said that they would vote for Trump over Biden

Note that this is purely a survey and the results may not reflect the views of the millions of residents in each province

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