The internet is buzzing with people around the globe searching for the U.S. election's status

The race has been unimaginably close and hard to wrap one's head around.

As a result, the word "unbelievable" is trending on Twitter in Canada and most of the tweets include shocked reactions from Canadians about the fact that Trump got so much support.

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Tweets under the hashtag 

At the time of writing, nearly 2,000 tweets had been made with the hashtag #Unbelievable. 

If you take a gander through the posts, you'll see a lot of shocked Canadians who didn't expect such a tight race. 

One tweet even said, "Best thing all day is reading #Unbelievable from Canadians." 

The election is moving slowly and Trudeau even insinuated that it will be continuing for days to come. 

Maybe this hashtag will keep rolling for a few days? 

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