This week, it seems that everyone has their eyes on how the U.S. election is going to turn out, and yet an American poll worker has described looking elsewhere.

In a November 5 Twitter thread, Michigan University law student and poll challenger Julie Moroney gave an account of what she saw inside Detroit's TCF Centre as votes were being counted. 

She described a scene filled with "harassment and intimidation" from Republican poll challengers (as well as loud protesters outside), and the experience of what she saw when she finally exited the building.

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"One of the most jarring things was stepping outside of the building and seeing the sunset across the river in Canada," she wrote.

In seeing America's northern neighbour, a "functioning democracy," just about a mile away from what was unfolding in Detroit, Moroney said, "the irony was painful."

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is projected by CNN to win Michigan's 16 electoral votes.

At the time of writing, votes are still being counted in multiple states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada.

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