Eariler this year, at the start of Roll Up The Rim season, Canadians were calling out Tim Hortons for not being environmentally friendly. These claims came because the contest causes people who normally use reusable cups to switch back to disposable cups at the chance of winning. More recently, however, some Tim Hortons customers have new claims about their cups. They say that using reusable cups at Tim Hortons is completely useless. 

In the past few months, there have been a few cases of Tim Hortons customers on Twitter claiming that when they went to use a reusable cup at Tims, the employees first made their coffee or tea in a disposable cup before pouring it into the customer's reusable cup and then throwing the cup out. If Tims is doing this, it's completely negating any environmental benefit that came from using a reusable cup. 

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This is made even worse by the fact that in some places those disposable coffee cups can't be recycled, instead, they go straight into the garbage. This is because of the poly-coat lining on the inside of the cups. 

Given that the cups aren't even recyclable it seems like there would be extra incentive for people to use the reusable cups but on Twitter, Tims customers are saying that it's useless. 

Others have reported this exact same thing happening to them. 

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Customers have also said that even if the Tim Hortons employees do fill the reusable cup directly they still use a plastic stir-stick, which also creates waste. 

Back in January, Tim Hortons actually responded to one of these complaints from customers. In their Twitter response, they advised the customer to speak to management at their particular Tim Hortons location where the incident took place. This suggests that if there is an issue, it could be at the local level rather than the company as a whole. 

Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons to confirm their policy on reusable cups and whether these allegations from customers are true. We will update the story accordingly. 

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