The Climate Strike is happening all across B.C. with strikes taking place in half a dozen communities across the province, with at least 85 other cities in Canada also taking part. The Vancouver climate strike is causing chaos and transit is overrun with Climate Strike protestors in Vancouver.

The streets are filled with students, teenagers and adults protesting climate change, and the strike is part of a global initiative kickstarted by Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Tweets are pouring in on Twitter about how congested and crowded Vancouver transit stations and buses are as everyone headed to City Hall and downtown Vancouver to join in the strike.

These several thousand activists and protestors have caused the transit system in the city to overflow. Hundreds of students and climate change protestors are flocking buses and the Skytrain, causing congestion and delays in the transit system. 

The international climate change initiative is being led by students who are hoping to convince the world leaders to make impactful and immediate change to environmental laws to reduce the speed at which global warming is progressing, and already impacting several parts of the word. 

More than 15,000 people are flocking the streets of Vancouver, holding various signs protesting climate change and the negligence of politicians and world leaders in actively combating global warming. 

The strike is not just limited to Vancouver however, millions of people are striking across the world in several cities, demanding that the government take immediate action in combating the world’s climate crisis. 

In Vancouver, hundreds of protestors first gathered around Vancouver City Hall at 11 a.m. this morning for a noon rally, before making their way across Cambie Street to the downtown core. 

Toronto's transit system is also being overrun and congested by protestors from the Climate Strike. Calgary is another major Canadian city where the Climate Strike is taking place despite snow and rain


Various traffic closures are also being put into effect thanks to the several thousand protestors flocking the streets to support climate change action.

Two northbound lanes of Cambie Street are closed between 12th Avenue and West Broadway.  Yukon Street between 12th Avenue and West Broadway is also currently closed.

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