A family in British Columbia is not happy after their 12-year-old daughter accepted some mail this week. While most families would be thrilled about their kids helping their parents with daily chores, one package was not meant to be delivered to someone so young. 

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Canpar Couriers reportedly delivered a handgun to the family's home and they simply let the Smith family's daughter, named Kaitlynn sign for the package. The family lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, just a few hours from Vancouver. 

Via CTV News

Wade Smith said that his daughter sent him the photo above after she hand printed her name to sign for the handguns delivery. Smith is a newly licensed gun owner and had recently ordered the gun from Tenda Canada. 

Smith told CTV News that he called Canpar twice to ensure that he wouldn't miss the delivery and they informed him that if he missed it he would have to go and pick it up. Instead, Kaitlynn signed for it by printing her name. 

The courier service has stated that they are unaware of what is inside the packages. 

Brian Kohut, the president of Canpar courier services said to CTV that if they waited "for signatures from people 18 or over, nothing would get delivered on time." 

The gun manufacturer, Tenda said that they are now working with Canpar to understand why the gun was delivered without having Smith sign for it himself. 

Considering how tight Canada's gun safety laws are this incident is truly surprising. Still, how does something like this happen, where a 12-year-old gets her hands on a gun? 

Here's hoping that new regulations are put in at these companies immediately. 

Source: CTV News

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