Only a few days ago, a resident from Richmond, BC was scammed out of $10,000 on and the details are terrifying. Richmond RCMP is warning citizens after the dangerous events took place only July 16th. 

The victim was at the center of a very bizarre and elaborate kidnapping scheme. Scammers made the victim believe that their partner was abducted and being held for ransom. The victim ultimately lost $10,000 after trying to ensure that their partner would be released safely. 

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Here's what happened.

The victim was contacted by someone who had "spoofed" their cell phone caller ID to imitate the phone number of the victim's partner. The suspects claimed to have the victim's partner and told them that their partner had been abducted and were being held for ransom.

Because the scammers were able to "spoof" the partner's cell phone number, the victim believed that they really had abducted their partner. Richmond RCMP said, "The victim took the threat seriously as the originating call appeared to have come from their partner's cell phone."

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The scammers claimed that the "kidnapped partner" would not be released until the ransom was paid. The victim decided to transfer the funds to a Bitcoin ATM machine located in a coffee shop at 5900 block on No. 3 Rd. in Richmond. 

Richmond RCMP is warning the public that criminals have become more advanced when it comes to stealing money from unknowing Canadians. Last month, a Vancouver woman was allegedly arrested by fake police as part of an elaborate Canada Revenue scam. 

It looks like criminals are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to stealing money from Canadians.

Source: Global News

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