This article was originally published on June 10, 2018. 

A Redditor in the metro Vancouver area posted a video today of a pedestrian getting struck by a Translink bus. The pedestrian appears to be a young woman and was crossing the street against the traffic light when the bus slammed into her.

The incident happened this past Wednesday, June 6th at Granville Street and Dunsmuir Street in downtown Vancouver. It was captured on a driver's dashboard camera and was posted to social media shortly afterward.

Via Vikas Kumar

In the video, the public transit bus was driving through the intersection when the pedestrian decided to dash in front of oncoming traffic at the last second. She immediately got clipped by the side of the bus as she ran in front of it. The hit made her fall face first into the pavement - hard.

The bus slammed to a stop in the middle of the intersection as she lay on the ground. People immediately rushed to her side to ask if she was okay. Others just stopped and stared. The bus driver came rushing out as well. 

Via Vikas Kumar

Shortly after the video was posted to Reddit, one user pointed out that it hadn't yet been brought to the attention of the Transit Police. The user tagged their official Reddit account, "TransitPoliceBC," and they responded an hour later saying, "The video is now with our Operations department."

But apparently, in this particular area of downtown Vancouver, incidents like this are waiting to happen. "People treat Granville like it's a pedestrian street," one Redditor  writes, "oblivious people wearing headphones are constantly crisscrossing it at every step between Robson and Dunsmuir without any regard to traffic or traffic signals."

To see the entire Reddit thread, click here

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