A retirement party is being held today between noon and 2 PM for a beloved member of the University of the Fraser Valley. However, the guest of honour may not be exactly who were expecting. Mac the counselling dog is officially retiring from the University of the Fraser Valley after thirteen years of service and will be incredibly missed. 

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That's right, after 13 years of hard work, Mac is stepping down from his position from helping students in need to start his retirement days. Mac, who is a registered therapy dog and a golden retriever is loved by many and staff and students will be sad to see him go. 

To celebrate the 13 hard work years of Mac, the university is throwing a retirement party at the Envision Centre in Abbotsford campus. The party is expected to have a pretty big turn out, considering almost 300 people showed up to the birthday party that was held for Mac just last year. 

Mac was the first registered therapy dog to work with the university counsellor and after many years of hard and dedicated to work to help keep the students and staff of the university happy,  Mac is now the longest working PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) dog in the organization's history. 

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However, Mac's hard work didn't just stop at being a counsellor in the University of the Fraser Valley. Mac was a jack of all trades and was also seen working with the police on a few occasions.  

Mac also received the "Above and Beyond" certificate which was to commemorate his hard work after he assisted victims during the devastating 2017 wildfire in BC. 

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On Mac's personal Facebook pagehe's rated 5 stars and is loved by many.  One Facebook user even reviewed Mac's love as "love that heals those who are in pain both emotionally and physically,".  Many other users also reached out to express their gratitude for Mac. 

Via UFVPADSCanineCounsellorMac | Facebook.com

Via UFVPADSCanineCounsellorMac | Facebook.com

Via UFVPADSCanineCounsellorMac | Facebook.com

Via UFVPADSCanineCounsellorMac | Facebook.com

Via UFVPADSCanineCounsellorMac | Facebook.com

Source: CTV News


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