In an unofficial vote to become the ambassador of Vancouver, celebrities like Seth Rogen, Michael J. Fox, and Ryan Reynolds have been beaten out by an unlikely opponent. 

Canuck the Crow, a bird who became a Vancouver icon after stealing a knife, terrorizing the city, and breaking into a McDonalds has won the vote. 

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CBC conducted a poll that pitted different athletes, icons, and celebrities against each other for the title of Unofficial Ambassador of Vancouver. Of all the names put forward, the crow took a massive lead, proving he is still a legend. 

Other options on the poll were Rick Hansen, Steve Nash, The Sedin Twins, Seth Rogen, The Property Brothers, Ryan Reynolds, and Michael J. Fox, among others. After weeks of voting, Michael J. Fox was beaten by the crow, who received 81% of the votes. 

Canuck the crow became an icon earlier this year when he terrorized the entire city of Vancouver with his aggressive behaviour, having broken into a McDonald's and the Skytrain. 

The crow's most iconic moment was when a photo of him with a knife in his beak went viral, cementing his place as a badass bird in Canadian society. 

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Other honourable mentions for the unofficial Vancouver ambassador include Carly Rae Jepsen, artist Bill Reid, and athlete Trevor Linden. 

Source: CBC

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