A Greyhound bus was recently vandalized with a sign saying "NO ASIANS" on the back of a seat. To be expected, people are not here for this and rightfully so. It's highly disappointing that racially charged attacks are still prevalent, even in countries that pride themselves on multiculturalism such as Canada. 

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But it gets worse because this isn't even the first racist graffiti that has been found in this Canadian city. This is only the latest in a string of racially charged attacks in the past few months and hopefully, it is the last – though at this rate, that does not seem likely. 

Vancouver has seen several racial attacks just in the past few months. And now, a public Greyhound bus has a "NO ASIANS" written on the back of a seat, which was posted to Reddit. This sign promptly sparked backlash from several people. 

User jdayellow posted a picture to Reddit just one day ago. He titled the post "I will sit on the bus where I want thank you very much" and it was accompanied a photo of a seat that said "NO ASIANS AREA". The post quickly gained popularity on the Vancouver Reddit thread. It has since gotten 331 upvotes and 64 comments. Check out the post below: 

Via Reddit User Jdayellow | Screenshot

People quickly commented their disdain for the sign. One Reddit user, GTeichner, commented, "Omg. What the hell is wrong with people? It is 2018!". The comment got 35 points. It is 2018, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean racism has been eradicated and this sign is just another indicator of the work that still needs to be done and progress to be made, especially since it comes after many other attacks in Vancouver. Another user commented, "Please report this to Translink so that people know this type of racism is unacceptable. It is disgusting and hateful."

One user, DericusB, said on the post, "Vancouver is full of bitter, trashy racists, remember the Crazy Rich Asian poster? You can always let the company know, I do that when i run into racist graffiti in washroom. They'll clean it up." Their comment got 63 points. 

The graffiti incident being discussed in relation to this bus vandalism took place at a bus stop this past summer in August, where racist graffiti was drawn on posters for the movie Crazy Rich Asians, before the Hollywood movie was even released. The vandalism was at a bus stop near Cornwall Avenue and Maple Street in the Kitsilano neighbourhood. Deragatory and offensive comments were drawn on the actors face: the word "pathetic" on British-Malaysian Henry Golding and "stupid chinx" on the face of Taiwanese-American Constance Wu. There was also "money laundering thiefs" written on her arm.

The vandalism quickly went viral on social media and even made it to the filmmakers themselves. The director of the film, Jon M. Chu tweeted in response and said "Nothing will shake us. Sorry. We still here". It definitely didn't shake them; the movie was groundbreaking. It was the first Hollywood studio film to feature an all-Asian cast in 25 years and was one of the most commercially successful studio rom coms in the past nine years. 

Reddit user commented, "Maybe they meant to write 'No agents'. More seriously, Translink is usually pretty on the ball with removing shit like this, did you forward it to them to clean up?" The Reddit user was attempting to address it on the comedic side, linking to a Youtube video where the word "Asians" sounded like "Agents". However, there was also a racist attack against a real estate agent just one month ago as well. 

A Coquitlam realtor also was the victim of a racist attack in Vancouver that happened last month, when she received a racist letter that told her she was "not welcome or wanted" in the neighbourhood she worked in.

The letter was anonymous and mentioned several racial slurs, using offensive terms such as "chinks and gooks". It claimed that all Asian realtors were not welcome in the city. The incident also went viral on social media when the realtor who received the letter, Winnie Wu, posted it to her Facebook. Many posted in support of Wu. 

After a series of racially charged attacks that were seemingly acted upon in isolation of one another, we hope that the discrimination in Vancouver starts to come to a halt. 

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