Parking can be a difficult concept to understand for some Canadians. Some people just don't understand where they should and shouldn't park. A B.C. man decided to take matters into his own hands when a car parked right in front of his home's driveway. This Canadian reacted by actually towing the car that was blocking his driveway and the footage is hilarious

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It all started when Colin Stann, who lives in the Greater Victoria area in BC, came home on Friday, January 11 to find a car parked directly in front of his driveway. He found the car parked right across his driveway, completely blocking the entrance to his garage. "My initial reaction was who on earth would park right in front of somebody’s driveway?", he told Global News

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Since there has been construction happening on his street, he checked with the site supervisor if it was one of the worker's cars. However, the owner of the car remained a mystery. "Nobody would answer the call, nobody would come forward," Stann told Global News.

So he eventually took matters into his own hands and using his own car to tow the vehicle away from his home. According to Global News, the construction crew that was working on his street offered Stann a tow rope so that he could tow the car himself. 

According to Global News, construction worker Adam Peyton witnessed the whole thing and recorded it for your viewing pleasure. He posted the footage of the BC man towing the car that was blocking his driveway on Facebook and the video has gone viral. Since being posted last week, it has gained over 55,000 views and has hundreds of shares and comments. 

Check out the video that was posted on Facebook for yourself. Please note that there is profanity used in this video. 

Peyton accompanied the video with the caption, "This is what happens when you park in somebody's driveway 😂😂 😂😂 😂". In the video, you can see Stann hook up his truck to a small blue vehicle blocking his driveway. He then tows the car down the street using his own truck. 

The construction crew cheered as Stann tows the car away from his home. "Yes, pure awesomeness," a witness is heard saying in the video. The same voice is also heard saying, "you f**ked up, bud" as Stann continues to tow the car down the street. 

Via Adam Peyton | Facebook

Via Adam Peyton | Facebook

Via Adam Peyton | Facebook

Many people on Facebook have cheered on Stann in the comment section for taking action and towing a car blocking his driveway himself. Check out what some people have had to say. 

Via Screenshot | Facebook

Via Screenshot | Facebook

Via Screenshot | Facebook

Via Screenshot | Facebook

However, not everyone is happy with his actions. A lawyer is saying that there could be legal consequences. "He could be charged with mischief for damage to the car. He could be charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle – unsafe towing under the Motor Vehicle Act," criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko of Acumen Law told Global News. 

Stann still stands by his decision to tow. He told Global News that "he knew he’d be liable for damages and was careful not to deliver any destruction" and that he has only received positive feedback for his tow job so far. 

He even said he would do the same thing again. "Absolutely, in a heartbeat, wouldn’t even think about it. You bet I would….the guys across the street actually said when I was done, they said I parked it better than he did originally". 

Stann later found out the owner of the car: one of the painters working on the construction site on his street."I waited half an hour to see if he would take his car and the guys next door here said he was waiting inside the garage the whole time – watching me tow his car," said Stann. 

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