A Canadian shot a grizzly bear that was charging towards him in his backyard in Bella Coola, British Columbia and it was all captured on video. The video was posted on YouTube on October 14th and has since gone viral. It got over 24,000 views and over 150 comments and has divided the Internet on whether or not the man did the right thing by shooting the grizzly. 

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Lawrence Michalchuk described the whole experience in the caption. According to him, his in-laws told him that bear had been frequently visiting his yard since he left for a week-long vacation and the bear was not scared of noise. He said he had loaded his shotgun with birdshot shells and without the intention of shooting the bear, but instead scaring it by shooting in the air. 

He wrote in the video description, "Went outside, from underneath the deck, shot once in the air, and sow started charging so I ran back inside the house...when she got 65 yards away, I shot in the air again to keep pushing her along."

Apparently, it wasn't enough to scare the bear. "After that shot, the sow turned around and looked at me and I yelled at her to keep moving her on. Then in an instant, the sow turned and charged, head down, ears back, and hair flat I knew this was a serious charge," wrote Michalchuk.

Via Youtube User J Lm

The video starts off dark and you can faintly see a bear in the yard. At around 0:30, you can see a man in his yard running backwards from a bear that is charging towards him. That's when he fires his gun. The grizzly can be seen falling down and rolling over before running away.

In the video, you can also hear a woman talking, who could be the one filming the whole encounter. When the bear starts running, the women says, "She’s charging. Oh God. Oh no."

Via Youtube User J Lm

This video has people divided on whether or not shooting the grizzly bear was the right thing to do. Some people are slamming the man for his actions, while others are defending him. 

Some people ripped the guy apart. One Youtuber wrote, "Dude. What the hell. You know better. They were just passing through". It got 17 likes. Another wrote, "Why go after the bear, why let your dog loose? This was straight up provocation, dude? Super unnecessary and all for a youtube video???". 

However, others defended his decision. One person commented, "Surprised at all the nasty comments. What if the sow decided to charge the next morning when his kids were going to school? Bears should have a healthy fear of humans" and it got 11 likes. Another wrote, "I wish people would read the entire story before they play armchair judge and jury". 

Check out the video below. The footage of the bear charging at the man who starts shooting, starts at around 0:30. 

BC conservation officers told him that he did the right thing by shooting the bear, according to CTV News. "That bear was not gonna leave," he said. "It probably worked out good because the bear’s alive and I’m alive". He also said that bears in that region of BC are more comfortable around people. 

He also said that all he was intended to do was trip her, not kill her. "Thank God it worked because it tripped her,” Michalchuk said. “All I wanted to do is trip her. I dove in the door as quick as I could and I slammed the door and then she turned back towards her cubs."

B.C. conservation officers are now investigating the situation, according to CTV News

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