In December, it has become normal to decorate your home with festive wreaths, shimmering lightbulbs and inflatable Santa Clauses and reindeer. Many of us pride ourselves on how festive we can make our homes look! So, if some hooligans decide to tamper with our festive decorations, it really puts a damper on our holiday spirit. 

On Wednesday, December 12, 2019, Coquitlam, BC resident Dave Kamachi posted a 5-minute video on YouTube showing a strange man actually stealing his giant-sized inflatable Santa Claus from his doorstep.

Via Dave Kamachi |

While most of us wouldn't dare steal from our neighbours, this Grinchy thief proved that he only cared about himself this season. In the video, you can see him approach the doorstep when the motion-sensor lights go on. 

After the motion-sensor lights flickered on, off and back on again, the culprit slowly crept into the camera's view and began unravelling the 8-foot Santa from the post he was clinging to. Regardless of the lights, the thief continued to unstrap Saint Nick from the front porch in hopes of stealing him.

Via Dave Kamachi |

After minutes of fumbling with the ropes that tied Santa to the house, the thief was finally able to free the blow-up Santa Claus. The thief waited a few minutes for the decoration to deflate before getting away with it.

Once the lights finally turned off, the thief can be seen grabbing the large deflated decoration and saunters off into the darkness with it.

This just goes to show that even during the most festive season of the year, there are still Grinches hiding in our midst, waiting to steal our holiday spirit after we go to bed.

You can watch the full video, below.

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