Full parole has just been granted for a man in BC with a horrifying past. Back in 1996 when James Ruscitti was 15-years-old, he and his accomplice brutally shot and murdered four people inside his family's home.

The slain included Ruscitti's adoptive parents, his brother's girlfriend as well as a boarder living in the house. He also left his two-month-old niece inside the home with the dead bodies. She was found two days later when the crime scene was discovered. She was hours away from death due to dehydration.

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Regardless of considering Ruscitti a moderate risk to re-offend and the fact that a 1996 psychiatric evaluation found him to have a strong antisocial and narcissistic personality, the Parole Board of Canada thought he deserved to be free. Conditions of his parole include that he does not consume alcohol or drugs, that he should not be in contact with any of the victims' families and he must report all relationships and friendships with females to his parole supervisor.

Now that he's fully out of prison, he will be living with his girlfriend and her daughter on Vancouver Island. He'll also have a full-time job as an electrician.

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Canadians who learned about the decision today are absolutely shocked, many saying they have zero faith in our justice system. "Canada does not have a Justice System. What we have is a convoluted Court System with well oiled revolving doors complete with judges who always rule in favor of the criminal and ignore the heartache and plight inflicted on the victims. Always," one Facebook user said.

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Commenters can't believe how someone guilty of the murder of four people, including their own parents could ever be admitted back into society. "He should never walk free again. Killing 4 people and getting full parole? Our judicial system is such a f**king joke," said another on Facebook.

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Some are comparing this parole decision to the Ken and Barbie killers, AKA Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka who kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered three teens. While parole for Bernardo was just recently denied after him spending 25 years in prison, the same can't be said for Homolka. She was granted freedom in 2005 and currently lives a reclusive life in Quebec.

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Ruscitti’s accomplice, Chad Bucknell, was also granted full parole and the parole board lifted the alcohol restriction imposed on him last year. Time will only tell if Ruscitti's parole restrictions will be lifted one day as well.

Sources: The Canadian Press, Facebook

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