A flight full of Canadians hoping to travel to warm and sunny Palm Springs got an unlikely and sudden surprise when their plane was delayed this morning due to a crash on the runway. A flight at the YVR airport in Vancouver was cancelled when it hit something while reversing on the runway during its attempts to start departure.

The plane, which was full of passengers at the time, backed into what passengers are claiming to be a truck on the tarmac. This collision caused the wing of the plane to completely break and delay the flight.

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According to CTV News, a spokesperson with the YVR airport confirmed that there were no injuries during the collision and that the aircraft was taken out of service. They also reported the YVR airport operations are back to normal, while the Palm Springs flight is currently delayed.

West Jet replied to a tweet of an annoyed customer about the issue, stating, “We’re sorry to hear of the delay to your travels. The aircraft was under the control of our contracted ground crew at the time of the incident. We hope to get you up and on your way very soon!

Vancouver Airport also replied to a tweet from another passenger about the issue, stating, "Really sorry to hear this. Flight operations are the responsibility of your airline and we're positive @WestJet will take care of you. Hope you're on your way soon,". 

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While West Jet is doing everything they can to reschedule the delayed flight as quickly as possible, many of the passengers took to Twitter and Instagram to share their annoyance that they will have to spend more time away from the sunshine that they had been looking forward to.

One passenger shared a photo of the incident on Instagram, showing the broken wing of the plane, as well as the truck that the plane was stated to back into. 

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While some Twitter users took to the platform to express their annoyances.

Overall, West Jet is ensuring that the flight is up and running as soon as possible! 

Source: CTV News





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