Vancouver Police are currently warning the public about a dangerous Canadian sex offender who has just been released from prison. Police state that 40-year-old Cameron Eugene Ratelle will be living in the city of Vancouver and is considered a danger to young women in his area. Anyone who believes that Ratelle is violating his release conditions is asked to contact police immediately. 

In a press release, Vancouver Police state that Ratelle is a federal offender and was convicted of sexual assault against a person under the age of eighteen. However, he has now completed his sentence and is able to live in the city of Vancouver under the condition that he not in the presence of any female under the age of eighteen. 

According to CTV News, Ratelle has been charged for repeating incidents of groping and harassing. He has also breached the conditions of his previous releases and has had unapproved contact with women in the past. 

Vancouver Police state that Ratelle poses a threat for the public and is high risk to re-offend. Police state that his known target is young women between the age of sixteen and twenty-five and those around him should take caution. 

Those around the area should be aware of his appearance, and a photo has been released by Vancouver Police. Ratelle is 5'8 and 200 pounds. He has a large build, shaved head, and brown eyes. He is also hearing impaired and uses hearing aids. 

Ratelle has been released in the agreement that he follows certain conditions. Police state that Ratelle is unable to consume alcohol or have access to the internet.

He is also unable to attend any educational institute or school or have any relationship with females without reporting it to his parole supervisor. 

Ratelle must also live in a community correctional centre or a community residential facility that is approved by Correctional Service Canada and follow a treatment plan that is arranged by his parole officer. 

If anyone believes that Ratelle does not follow these conditions, they are asked to call 911 immediately. 

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