A customer reportedly found a dead rat in their soup bowl at a restaurant in Vancouver and documented it on social media, resulting in the whole incident going viral. Now, a GoFundMe has actually been set up for the Vancouver restaurant that allegedly served dead rat soup in order to help with the financial losses caused by the viral incident. Crab Park Chowdery now has a fundraising campaign and the restaurant shared their side of the story on social media. 

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The GoFundMe fundraiser is called the "Crab Park Chowdery Relief Fund". The campaign goal is to raise $10,000 and so far, $1,145 has been raised for the restaurant by 12 donors. Crab Park Chowdery shared the fundraiser on their Facebook and Instagram page last night. 

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"Over the last ten days we have seen our dream shattered," wrote the restaurant in their Facebook post. "The fact of the matter is an image has now been presented that is having devastating effects on us a whole".

Crab Park Chowdery also added the reason for the fundraiser. "Due to the considerable slow down (from $1500-$2000 a day to now $200-$400 a day) it’s become obvious we need help to keep our dream alive," read the post. "Our friend and amazing human Hunter has put together a go fund me page to help us with the financial turmoil this has put us in". 

According to the restaurant, the GoFundMe campaign was started by a friend of Crab Park Chowdery named Hunter Moyes. He pleads for financial support in the campaign description. "More than 1700 people came out to comment in one way or another on Instagram alone about the alleged rat recorded by cell phone dipping in and out of a bowl of their soup," read the description.

"Everything about the business has since been scrutinized, despite the fact that it's been making its customers happy for the last two years without incident". He added, "As it is more than likely that the business and brand are not surviving this - I would like to appeal to you: the public – to donate money, to support the hospitality community members who are being affected by this". 

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The fundraising campaign made its way onto Reddit, and locals are not at all pleased that a GoFundMe actually exists for the restaurant. Check out what they had to say on Reddit – people are completely outraged. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Crab Park Chowdery continues to deny the allegations that a dead rat was in their soup. They released a statement on their Facebook page and said that the incident was not true. Check out what they had to say. 

For the meantime, the restaurant remains open in Vancouver.

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