It may not be Uber or Lyft, but a new ride-sharing app is launching this month in Vancouver. Kater, the ride-sharing app, will run a pilot project at the end of the month allowing people to test out the service before it is fully operational. Say goodbye to crowded public transit and cab companies, this may be our new alternative. 

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A locally developed ride-hailing app is launching in Vancouver this month. The app, Kater, will allow Vancouverites to access a different mode of transportation that is labelling itself as quicker and easier. We have all the info on how much the rides will cost, how many cars will be available in Vancouver, what the cars will look like and more!

According to the website, Kater is a BC-based technology company that has aimed to provide innovative transportation solutions. For three years, Kater claims to have successfully created an app that connects users with personal drivers for their own vehicles. It is now taking this one step further and is bringing a ride-hail service to BC. 

The Kater website claims that when a ride is requested, a driver will be matched to the person within five minutes. At this time, there are only a small amount of cars operating under Kater. Within a few weeks, they plan to be operating 140 different vehicles. 

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All of the vehicles operating under Kater will be similar in style and will all have matching decals with the business's logo. You will also be able to track your ride on the app in real time. Drivers for Kater will be independent contractors and paid a minimum of $20 an hour. 

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The average cost of a ride from Kater will be the same as a taxi. The base fare of $3.25 will be put in place and according to the website, it will cost 56 cents per minute and $1.88 per kilometre. These prices will not change based on demand as they would with Uber or Lyft. An estimated price per ride will be given at the beginning of the ride with the total amount being displayed at the end. 

Rideshare operations such as Uber and Lyft are still unable to operate within the province due to existing regulations. Kater has found a way to work around these regulations by operating under taxi licenses. According to the Vancouver Sun, Kater will pay the Vancouver Taxi Association a percentage of its profits in exchange for the licenses. 

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Testing for the app is set to begin on March 30. In order to register and become part of the soft launch, people can visit the companies website and register their name. Kater will then choose who will take part in the trial and will be given access to the app. 

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