On Tuesday of this week, 3 people died at Shannon Falls in B.C. about 60 kilometers north of Vancouver.

This happened after one person reportedly fell in and the other two tried to rescue them.

One of the hikers among the group has now been publically identified as 30-year-old Ryker Gamble, who made daring travel vlog videos for the video sharing platform YouTube. 

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Gamble was one of the people who made appearances on a popular YouTube travel vlog called High On Life, which has almost half a million subscribers.

The videos on the channel show Gamble and others doing dangerous stunts at travel locations in B.C. and around the world with video titles like ‘Epic Cliff Jumping and Waterfall Slide (EXTREME DANGER)’ 

It’s unknown if Gamble and the others who were part of his group were visiting the falls to make a video for the YouTube channel.

In recent years he also worked as an instructor on how to create a popular Instagram account, his own account having over 60 thousand followers. 

His last post was made on Canada Day. 

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The place where the 3 people went into the water is a very dangerous spot only accessible by ropes. 

Gamble had previously been charged while on a trip to Wyoming with misdemeanours for walking off a boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park. 

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Officials have closed all the trails at the top of the falls until further notice while they investigate.  

The families of the other 2 people deceased have asked to keep their identities private at this time. 

Source: CBC

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