Pet stores are something you like a lot more as a kid than as an adult. As a kid they're basically free zoos. You get to go in and look at all the animals with no obligation to spend a dime. Perfect right? 

The older you get the more you realize that many of these animals are being kept in tiny cages with no where near enough space for the type of life that they should have. 

One town in British Columbia has now taken steps to make sure that animals that shouldn't be in pet stores aren't.  

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Surrey B.C. has banned cats, dogs and rabbits from being sold in a retail stores across the city. 

The rule won't fully be in effect until June 2018 but once it is, people can be fined $500 for selling one of these furry animals.   

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It should be noted that none of the pet stores in Surrey currently sell cats or dogs, but many of them do sell rabbits.    

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This doesn't mean that if you live in Surrey you aren't allowed to own one of these animals as a pet, but you will have to go to a private breeders or shelters like the BC SPCA in order to get your new family pet.  

Source: MSN 

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