Car-2-Go is a popular ride-share program where drivers can rent cars on demand. But one Vancouver driver's ride ended in a very unexpected way. 

Just minutes after parking the Car-2-Go vehicle, Dainan Fraser was shocked to see it was engulfed in flames. 

He says he had only been driving the car for about 5 minutes before parking it outside an office building. He had just got in the building when he saw some smoke coming from outside. 

He decided to go back outside not expecting that it was the vehicle he had just been sitting in that was on fire. While firefighters battled the blaze, there was just a shell of the small-car, Car-2-Go is known for offering Smart Cars to people. 

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Car-2-Go operates around the world and in a few Canadian cities. They just recently pulled out of the Toronto market claiming new bylaws made it too difficult. 

Using an app, drivers can find and reserve cars near them only 30 minutes before they need them. The service usually offers Smart Cars and larger Mercedes vehicles for drivers to choose from. 

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It is unclear what caused this particular vehicle to burst into flames, but people are saying this one incident shouldn't deter people from using Car-2-Go.

Source: News1130

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