This Vancouver driver dared to get a little creative when they couldn't replace their headlights. On Thursday, February 24, Sgt. Mark Christensen of Vancouver Police alerted his followers to a particularly odd driver who was caught using flashlights as headlights and was then fined for a host of infractions. This Vancouver headlight fine amounted to a total of $1920.00, as stated by Christensen in his tweet. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures but unfortunately for the driver, replacing headlights with flashlights just wasn't going to be a long-term option. 

The driver was first stopped initially for insecure load but upon further inspection, the cop found that the driver had been using flashlights as headlights, which is definitely a big no-no. 

It turned out that the driver had to answer for a lot of law-breaking as Christensen revealed that they had no insurance and that they also failed to "comply with a previous inspection order." 

The vehicle was removed from the road and the driver is going to have to come up with a hefty amount to pay the fine. 

Vancouver Police and B.C., RCMP have had their hands full recently with odd driving-related incidents including people who are just clinging on to running cars for some reason. 

The photos posted by Christensen reveal how disastrous the truck appeared as it got pulled over.

Huge items wrapped in white plastic wrap can be seen spilling out at the back of the truck, which understandably caught the cop's attention. 

The vehicle is a black Ford pick-up truck, and you will be able to tell from the third photo that a small blue flashlight has been tied via a rope in front of the broken headlight. 

We can admire the DIY-projects from time to time but this seems like a big, big misstep. 

The reactions on Twitter range from bewildered to grateful to incredibly alarmed. 

One Twitter user posted a meme about some of his concerns. 


Another user thanked the police for keeping the roads safe.

Whereas another user just wrote three words to sum up his reaction. 

Just a few weeks back, B.C. RCMP caught a student driver being drunk while in the middle of a driving lesson with his teacher in the passenger seat. 

Other cases of drunk drivers in Vancouver have also been reported in the past few weeks. 

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