Canada Day is always a fun time, but things got extra wild at one beach. So much so that police had to shut down the entire beach area because many of the teens were intoxicated and violent. The antics took place on the west coast of the country in BC. Vancouver's Ambleside Beach was shut down on Canada Day by police because 300 teens lead to things getting out of hand. 

West Vancouver Police issued a news release on Thursday to the public about the incident, which took place over the long weekend. According to them, officers patrolling Ambleside beach on July 1 to deal with around 300 youths – and many of them were said to be intoxicated and violent. 

"On July 1, 2019 at approximately 8:30pm, West Vancouver Police officers were on foot patrol in Ambleside Park in anticipation of increased park users due to Canada Day celebrations," reads the news release.

"Officers encountered multiple groups of youths, most of which who were under 19 years old and were consuming liquor."As a result of the underage alcohol consumption, officers started seizing the teenagers' booze and issuing them tickets. 

Things got more intense though. At around 8:50 PM, three police officers were patrolling the beach near the skate park area. A large group of youth were onsite. They began questioning one teenager who appeared intoxicated. However, this caused a fight to break out. 

"A struggle ensued after the person is alleged to have charged at one of the officers. The rest of the group quickly surrounded the officers and began chanting and swearing obscenities, while many filmed the interaction," reads the news release. 

As a result, two West Vancouver police officers ended up being assaulted. One officer was even punched in the face by a youth. 

"Due to the violent behavior and sheer size of the unruly crowds, access to Ambleside Park was temporarily shut down, causing traffic issues and preventing families and others from enjoying the festivities at the beach," reads the release. 

Two youths were arrested for the incident for assault on police. They were later released, and the incident is being further investigated. 

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