Perhaps the biggest mystery on the North Shore, is what will amount from all the construction. The entire North Side of Park Royal has been submitted to construction for nearly a year.

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Everyone who commutes around the Quay, by car, bus or seabus, is asking the same question. What are they actually building? Here’s what’s actually going down, and it’s big.

via @lowerlonsdale

The City of North Vancouver has begun construction at Lonsdale Quay at what they call “The Shipyards – Lot 5”. It’s a $35 million dollar project and it’s set to be complete in 2018. Work began last April and the site was designed by the same designer responsible for Whistler Village!

In the winter, the biggest feature is an outdoor skating rink! It's set to be the largest in the lower mainland and will have a skating trail that extends around the shipyard! It's also set to be free-of-charge and have skate rentals available on site! 

In the summer, that same area becomes a mini-waterpark! That includes pools, fountains and sprinklers to cool off in. Both those will be accompanied with more parking, a four-star hotel, increased patio and retail space and a two-story Joey's restaurant. The large chamber, The Pipe Shop, will also play host to markets, activities and events - rentable by the public. 

So what does this mean? No more going to the Robson Square skating rink for cute Christmas photos! Being able to stay cool in the summer! More brunch and patio drinks without going downtown! Stay tuned, because there’s a lot to look forward to!

All images photographed by the City of North Vancouverexcluding posts from Instagram.

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