In Vancouver, BC, it's very common to see otters near the ocean in Richmond, Vancouver and even near rivers throughout the suburbs. Where you don't typically find otters is in local parks and tourist attractions; however, last week a sneaky otter managed to find it's way to a Chinese garden and has evaded officials ever since. 

Dr. Sun Yat-Se Classical Chinese Garden is a treasured landmark in Vancouver, BC. Travellers from all over the world come to Vancouver to bask in the serenity of the garden. Although the garden is typically quiet and tranquil, it's been anything but that this week.

The Chinese garden has been interrupted by a sneaky otter on a mission to eat all of the garden's treasured koi fish. Nearly a week ago, officials from Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden posted on their Facebook page telling locals that a river otter was spotted last weekend in a pond in their garden.

By November 19th, the sneaky otter had already eaten five of their adult koi fish. They also stated that the Vancouver Park Board was working on relocating the otter and that and investigation was underway to determine how the otter made its way into their koi pond. 

The next day, Vancouver Park Board set up a trap in the garden hoping to catch and relocate their surprise guest. If only it were that easy. Days later on November 23d, they announced that the garden was actually closed so that they could try to contain the otter. 

Days have gone by and the river otter has evaded officials. He's still among the koi fish, lurking around the garden. Even though officials have spent days trying to capture him, he's evaded their every move. They've actually resorted to taking out their remaining koi fish as a safety precaution from the sneaky river otter. 

The story of the otter vs the koi fish has gone viral, now Canadians are taking sides on this debate. Are you Team Koi Fish or Team River Otter?


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