Months into the province's reopening and life returning to somewhat-normal, downtown was again filled with COVID-19 protesters. An anti-mask rally in Vancouver marched their way through the streets, holding up signs and chanting slogans. Participants also protested vaccinations as well as the information surrounding COVID-19.

On Sunday, August 9, a group of people took to the streets in downtown Vancouver, according to a video shared with Narcity.

In it, the person leading the march was seen holding a sign that read, "I will never wear the mask." A bunch of people followed behind him with megaphones chanting: "No new normal."

"COVID is a scam," read a poster one participant held up. "Take off your mask and smell the bullsh*t."

"Wake up, use your brains," another person shouted.

One marcher held up a sign that read: "Support the police." "You gotta do it," he said.

In the video, you can see a Vancouver Police Officer accompanying the rally on bike.

Vancouver does not have a mandatory mask policy in all public spaces. However, some stores require customers to wear one while inside, like barbershops and some grocers.

The BCCDC says that masks can act "as a barrier and help stop the spread of droplets from a person’s mouth and nose when talking, laughing, yelling, singing, coughing, or sneezing."

However, using a mask alone won't prevent COVID-19 spread.

"If you are healthy, wearing a non-medical or cloth mask or face covering is a matter of personal choice and it might help to protect others," says the health agency.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton have recently passed bylaws making mask-wearing mandatory under certain circumstances when indoors. It's also mandatory for all Albertan students to wear masks when in class.

Vancouver saw a string of anti-lockdown protests at the start of the pandemic.

As the "lockdown" eased and the city reopened, it appears people have migrated to anti-mask demonstrations instead.

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