Vancouver just got slammed with a whole boatload of snow overnight and the city is unburying itself. So, are the buses running in Vancouver? Sort of, says TransLink: they announced on the morning of January 15 that it was an extreme weather day and that commuters should stay home if possible.

TransLink is struggling with snowed-in roads and SkyTrain tracks. There are over 50 bus routes so far affected or fully cancelled.

Over 160 alerts for slowed, stopped, or entirely shut down bus lines have popped up their website

In a statement on Facebook, TransLink wrote: "Our priority is to ensure transit services continue to operate, even if they are operating more slowly or with reduced capacity."

"Customers are asked to consider whether they need to travel today," read the release, " commutes will take significantly longer than usual."

The city had a massive snowfall overnight on Tuesday, January 14. It's a real snow day out there since public schools are closed and universities are following suit.

Vancouver Skytrain lines experienced delays this morning, sometimes stopping for over 15 minutes at some stations, reported CTV News. Delays were caused by accumulated ice snow on the Skytrain tracks and doors being frozen closed.

Occasionally, lines were stalled for staff to defrost the trains and tracks. As a compromise, the Millennium Line is running fewer trains with more cars.

On multiple occasions, buses were seen stalling on hills. Sometimes, passengers stepped into the cold to help push them along.

The snow has been so bad that the provincial government asked people to stay home. Stay warm, Vancouver!

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