Ariana Grande is performing in two Canada cities very soon and many fans are excited. Due to a traumatic event at one of her past concerts, Live Nation is now implementing some additional security measures at two upcoming Canadian concerts. For the Ariana Grande tour in Canada, Live Nation has issued a special security notice saying that all fans will need to carry clear plastic bags. 

Additional security measures are now being implemented at the upcoming Edmonton and Vancouver shows. They are the same regulations that were effective at Ariana Grande's Toronto concert earlier this month

According to Live Nation’s Instagram account, people will be required to take part in a “clear bag policy.” This will mean that anyone attending the concert will need to put all their belongings into a 100% clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag, with the maximum size being 12" x 6" x 12".

According to Live Nation, attendees will not be allowed into the concert with any bag that is not 100% transparent. You will also not be permitted to put a bag inside of the bag as all items need to be visible.

Back in 2017, Grande was performing in Manchester when a tragic terrorist attack occurred. During the show, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb at the Manchester Arena, killing 22 people and injuring another 120. Police treated the event as a terrorist attack and since then, Grande has been incredibly vocal online about her PTSD and the safety of fans. 

The public statement reads that attendees are allowed to put belongings in a clear ziplock bag. Medically necessary items will have to be inspected and cleared before entering the arena.

If anyone forgets to bring the clear bags to the concert, the merchandise table will have them available for purchase. You can also purchase pre-approved clear bags online at Ariana Grande's website. Along with this security mandate, recording devices and cameras will also not be permitted on scene, however, cellphones are fine. 

Following the terrifying incident in Manchester, Grande has been open on social media about her experience with it and she often posts about how she is still traumatized. Recently, she shared a picture of her brain scan, proving that the incident gave her PTSD. The post has since been taken down by Grande herself, but pictures of it can still be found on fan accounts.

Grande has publicly thanked her fans for being respectful to these security measures and has even helped some people pick their bags online. 

The "thank u, next" singer began her Sweetener tour on March 18 in Albany, New York. Her next Canadian stops include Edmonton on April 25, and Vancouver on April 27. Grande will end her tour later this year on October 13 in Switzerland. 

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