Looks like Batman was taking a little bit of a vacation from Gotham city. While he is usually one to enforce laws, during a drive down a Canadian street, he actually broke them. The masked vigilante is not exempt from the law and Batman got pulled over by Metro Vancouver police. 

According to Richmond RCMP, Batman was seen cruising around town. They even posted pictures for proof!

On June 6, 2019, Richmond RCMP tweeted out a picture of Batman getting pulled over. They even shared his attempt to get out of a ticket. The tweet states "don't know who this "Alfred" fellow is, but why is he responsible for your licence and registration being misplaced?”

In the photo, you can actually see Batman in his full super suit and mask! While we know in our hearts that it is not the real Batman, it could have fooled a lot of us because his suit looks legit. 

Not only does he have the super suit, he also has the car! By the looks of it, he was driving a sleek and boxy black vehicle with no top. On the front, you can see the classic yellow Batman symbol; which means he really wasn’t trying to hide his identity. 

This is not the first time Batman, or a look-alike, has been pulled over by Canadian cops. In August 2018, Batman took a trip across Canada and found himself in Brampton, Ontario. 

In this instance, police pulled over the superhero to take a selfie! In a video posted online, you can see the look-alike getting pulled over. As he steps out of the vehicle, his cape follows quickly behind; making him look like the real deal. 

But Batman doesn’t just get pulled over. One time in Kelowna, British Columbia, Batman even tried to intervene with an RCMP case. In a video posted online, you can see Batman jump out of his truck and approach a series of Kelowna RCMP officers who were at a home due to a domestic disturbance. 

While it was a funny sight to see, RCMP were less than enthused as it was a serious situation with the potential of someone being armed. 

Sometimes, you don’t even need to see Batman to know that he is there. Earlier this year, the Bat Signal was seen in the Vancouver sky. The popular distress beacon was located near the Vancouver Art Gallery, where people were shooting a scene for the TV show, Batwoman. 

So stay tuned. You never know where he will be next!

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