The whole world has been waiting idly by their TVs, following the intense story of the soccer team that got stuck in a cave in Thailand. A few weeks ago, they were found in the caves but due to monsoon season and the dangerous canals in the cave, the boys were not able to be rescued. 

After weeks without food, water and limited oxygen, officials finally created a solid plan to take the boys safely out of the cave, with the help of some expert divers. 

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This Canadian diver from Vancouver, BC was one of the experts that went to Thailand to help retrieve and rescue the young boys. He posted an image from the rescue and now he's Facebook post is going viral. 

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Erik Brown posted this image with the caption, "9 days. 7 missions and 63 hours inside Tham Laung Cave. Success" Brown is seen on the very left, followed by his fellow drivers, Mikko Paasi and Claus Rasmussen.

The post has 3.5k likes so far and 1.5k shares! Not to mention, 548 comments! Facebook users are stating that Brown is a hero and he's amazing for all of his hard work! 

Here are some of the comments from friends in Vancouver and people around the world!







We can't even imagine how dangerous the conditions were for Erik and his fellow divers. We know that one diver devastatingly lost his life attempting to rescue the young boys. 

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We're so proud of Erik Brown! He's accomplished something truly amazing and Canadians are ecstatic that Brown was apart of the rescue effort that saved the soccer team that was stuck in the caves in Thailand.

We believe that Brown is a true Canadian hero! 

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